A Car Accident Put Him In A Coma, But She Never Left His Side. 3 Years Later, He Surprised Her With A Truly Stunning Gift

Kelcie and Larry’s love story is truly remarkable. teh two met in high school. Larry was a star football player and track runner and Kelcie was his number one cheerleader. She was there for him at all his events and supported him even as he went away to fight forest fires in the summers.  The two were unseperable.

Larry even showed Kelcie’s sister the ring he was going to propose with the following week while on vacation with her whole family at Disneyland. Sadly, Larry never had that opportunity as he was hit by a drunk driver that night and ended up in a coma for months.

Larry was going to have a tough journey to recovery, as life would never be the same. But one thing never changed–the person standing by his side, Kelcie!

The video below that shows us the incredible moment when Larry, after three years of recovery, finally proposed to Kelcie… with the same ring he had before! They love for each other is a fairytale. And Kelcie’s love for Larry is the definition of selfless.

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